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Hawaii Governor announces new Covid testing process

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Hawaii Governor David Ige has posted on his Facebook page that travelers will be able to provide a negative covid result upon arrival in lieu of the 10-day (was 14-day) quarantine period.

This is great news for our visitors to Oahu and Ko Olina, as you will not have to sit in your villa for your entire trip or be forced to stay for 30 days or longer (although guests are staying for longer periods during this time) so that you may quarantine for 10-days (was 14-days) and then be able to venture out for the balance of your stay.

Hawaii continues to have the lowest number of COVID cases per capita in the nation, even after opening for tourism in October. However, due to the increasing number of COVID cases on the mainland, it is required that a negative test result is presented upon arrival to Oahu.

Please review the arrival chart below and always check the State of Hawaii website for the specific process and the latest information.

As shown in item #2 above, please note that if you provide a negative test result after arrival, it does not count and the quarantine is still in effect. This is due to the difficulty of tracing arriving passengers after the fact and the desire to keep the number of cases low in the Islands.

In addition, some of the other Counties on other Islands are imposing a mandatory 14-day quarantine regardless of your test results.

See our arrival instructions here and review the Governor's Facebook post here.

We look forward to safely welcoming you to our little slice of paradise as our honored guest. Welcome back!

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