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Hanauma Bay Reopens with Online Reservations

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

After being closed until December of last year due to COVID, the nature preserve has reopened and their new online booking system has gone live as of April 26th, 2021. Face masks, physical distancing and gatherings of no greater than 10 people remain in effect.

To protect the inhabitants, entry to the bay is capacity controlled at 720 people per day and you must reserve a slot to gain entrance. In the past, it was somewhat of a gamble as to if you would get in, so we tended to avoid the place and not take our visiting friends and family. Being able to book online now alleviates the potential for being turned away or waiting for a long time to gain access.

If you enjoy snorkeling and would like to see breathtaking underwater scenery and colorful tropical fish in a natural setting, Hanauma Bay can now be high on your list of places to visit during your trip to Oahu.

Hanauma Bay Oahu Hawaii
Hanauma Bay from above the clouds

Hanauma Bay is not a "beach park", but a Nature Preserve dedicated to safeguarding the fragile marine life in the Bay. It is the first Marine Life Conservation District in the State.

Marine life is teeming at the preserve as the bay has largely been empty for the past year and although visitors are returning in record numbers, limiting access protects the sea life.

In my youth, our family spent many a day here snorkeling together and today, you can now more easily enjoy this beautiful underwater environment by booking online and donning your Mask and Snorkel.

Reservations are accepted up to 48-hours in advance for groups of up to 10, (5-adults & 5-children). Go to the City and County of Honolulu, Department of Parks & Recreation website. Hint: Make your reservation from home, prior to your arrival to the Ko Olina Beach Villas Oahu at Ko Olina, you're home away from home in the Islands.

The Bay is open from 6:45am to 4pm Wednesday through Sunday with the last admission at 2pm. There is a $25 fee per visitor, with children 12 and under and local residents free. 100% of this fee goes to the preservation of the bay.

Mahalo, Alfred


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